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Hire a safe, vetted professional driver. We will get you to your destination, on time. Need a ride across the state or across the country? You can ride in your vehicle or ours. We are a transportation service company that will provide efficient and flexible transportation options. Long-distance transportation, it doesn't matter. We will custom-tailor your ride to your specific needs. Fill out the form, a client representative will provide you with a quote. Once you approve, we will schedule your ride.

Our Easy Process


Step One

Tell us your pick-up and drop-off locations.


Step Two

We will provide you with a quote.


Step Three

Once you agree with the price, we will schedule the ride.

What We Do

We provide one-way and round-trip transportation services. Our transportation service is an excellent alternative to rideshare, air travel, and public transportation. No matter where you need to go or how far away, Our car service will get you there on time without car service prices.

Transportation Service Company

At our core we are transportation service company. Our experienced private drivers are comfortable piloting your vehicle, even specialty vehicles like Sprinter Vans, RVs, or Trailers. We'll get you to your destination, safely, on time.

Long Distance Transportation

Going on a vacation? Are you a snowbird headed somewhere warm for the winter? We specialize in long distance transportation. Enjoy the ride, see the country, with the comfort and safety of a personal driver.

Private Driver For Hire

Have an appointment you need to get to. We will get you there, on time and stress-free. Hire a private driver for a few hours or for the day.  We'll pick you up, drop you off, wait for you at your appointment, and take you to the next stop.  It doesn't matter how long it takes. 

School Transportation

Professors and students alike, we have private drivers to transport you to school and back. Pack as much as you need in the vehicle.  We'll drive you across the state or across the country. You don't have to spend time looking for a ride. 

Long Distance Airport Transportation

Taking a flight, but you are not close to the airport? AmRide can help with our long-distance airport transportation. 1 hour or 3 hours away, it doesn't matter. we can get you to the airport on time to catch your flight.  Need a transfer between airports, we can help with that too!  We will pick you up from one airport and get you to the next airport on time. 

Auto Transport

It's the perfect car, a great deal, but it is out-of-state, No problem! Our auto transport service will deliver your car to you from state to state.

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Complete the form below and submit. Our client representatives will provide you with a quote, coordinate the details and schedule your ride.

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