Become a Driver, Step 1

Join Our Team of Experienced Personal Drivers

We are looking for independent and hardworking candidates who can provide our clients with safety and convenience. Applicants must exhibit good communication skills, punctuality, and courtesy both on and off the road.

Why Work With Us

  • You have the choice to accept a ride or not, allowing you to set your own schedule
  • Generally, our trips are scheduled in advance, so you have time to plan
  • When you are driving for our customers, you are protected by our insurance policy
  • You will keep 100% of the gratuity
  • Compared to rideshare companies, you will earn more money on each ride with us

Requirements To Be a Driver

  • Meet insurance company requirements
  • Own a reliable and clean vehicle (Model: 2012 and above)
  • Have a smartphone
  • Must have a clean driving record
  • Pass a background check, DMV check, and drug test
  • Must be punctual, professional, and polite

Apply Now

Please note that this is a two-step application. To be considered, you must complete both steps. First, you must fill out the following pre-qualification form. Kindly wait for our email after submitting it. Be sure to check your spam box. Once you've received our message, you may proceed with step two.

All applicants will be considered, however, applicants that do not meet the proper AmRide and Insurance company requirements may be asked to incur additional costs.