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You may also call our 24 hour customer service number: 855-426-7433.

"We Drive You In Your Car".  Your professional driver is our employee.  Our community of local drivers are extensively screened (backgound checks, DMV, drug test), highly trained and reliable. Multiple passengers and Multiple stops, same price! AmRide and Our Drivers are Insured.

Drivers For You and For Your Business.

Airport & Pier drop-off and pick-up

  • We service all airports and piers
  • Curb to curb service; convenient, reliable and cost effective
  • Save time and enjoy your travel experience; no stress, no parking, no shuttle, no hotel
  • Families with children and car seats; no need to remove the car seat, it's your car
  • Seniors, we make it comfortable and safe, it's your car

We drive to your office or home and drive you to the airport in your car. We return the vehicle to your office or home.  The keys may be left with us at the corporate office or wherever you desire. When you return, we do it again.


  • You work, we drive. Eliminate distracted driving
  • Late evenings or long days, make it productive 
  • Entertain and impress your clients with your personal driver   

Special Evenings and Events

  • Girls and guys night out, anniversaries, birthdays, the casino, a vineyard tour.


  • Seniors, keep your car and your independence; doctor visits, social events, family visits.

Drivers Anytime

  • A medical procedure, errands, car drop-off or pick-up, virtually any situation where you need a driver.  

A Designated Driver Pick-Up; One-Way.

  • In the event you choose not to drive home from an evening on the town, we get you and your car home safely. 

How a Personal Driver works: Round-Trip.
We drive you in your car to a destination and back. Round trip. Your driver will be with you for the duration of your trip, and you can travel to as many locations as you like. Multiple passengers and multiple stops, same price. Retail price $36.95 per hour, AAA discount $30.95 per hour. 

How a Designated Driver Pick-Up works: One-Way.
We drive you and your car to a destination. One-way.  Once you arrive safely at your destination, your driver will be picked up by our "trailing driver." Share the ride, share the cost, no matter the number of passengers or stops, it is the same price. Reservations in advance are highly recommended. Real-time reservations are subject to driver availability and require a minimum of 30 minutes waiting time. Retail price: $36.95 pick-up charge plus $2.50 per mile. AAA discount is $6 off the pick-up charge. 
 10 Miles  $55.95
 20 Miles  $80.95
 30 Miles  $105.95
 40 Miles  $130.95

For Mohegan Sun
Use your  Player's Club points for ALL of your AmRide travel needs, whether to Mohegan Sun, the airport or a night out. When making the reservation give the operator your Player's Club number. Online, enter the number in the details box. Your points must cover the entire charge of the drive, otherwise your credit card will be charged.

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