Testimonials and More

" Just want to thank Hector (driver) for rides to and from airport...what a great service from a very nice driver."

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. Your ride service was wonderful! Francene (driver) was here 15 minutes early, just like you said and my daughter got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I would definitely use your service again and recommend it to anyone needing a ride.”

"Oleg (driver) was a wonderful driver. He went beyond the call of duty as my right rear tire went flat on I-91 early yesterday morning. Oleg changed the tire in less than 10 minutes on a narrow shoulder of the road, in snow and ice and freezing weather. He was absolutely in control of the situation and got me to Boston for a very important meeting early."

"The drive went great, our driver was in touch with me through the day and was right on time."

"Thank you Kevin. We were very happy with the service and extremely pleased with Jim (driver). We would like to have Jim pick us up. Thanks."

"I want to thank you for the great service we had with our pick up at JFK"

"My boyfriend and I used your service a few weeks ago to drive our car home. It was a great experience, the driver was very professional, and we will be using it again!"

"I wanted to thank you for the services of Wayne (driver). We had an enjoyable ride and met our commitment on time even though we ran into heavy traffic. We are planning to arrange your services for our upcoming trip to Italy. We will need a ride and return from JFK. I will confirm when it gets closer. Again, I thank you."

"Car service and the driver were great!  I will use this in the future."

"Great job and great experience.  I'd recommend it to someone else!"

"Experience could not have been better.  Wayne (driver) was exceptional. JFK was a zoo and he handled it like a true pro.  I was impressed and will highly recommend your service."

"I am thrilled with AmRide's unique and practical service.  I've used it several times and I'm always pleased with the professionalism, punctuality and flexibility of the drivers.  Just recently, I went on a business trip to NYC and was able to accomplish all that I needed to get done without parking and traffic stress, worked from the back seat of my own car, and returned home feeling rested and grateful for the service."

"I have been telling everyone about it since Friday night.  You should be plastering Hartford with flyers!  I already referred you business that night.  Since arriving home safe and sound, I have been telling everyone I know about the service.  Everyone I have told, thinks its a great idea.  I also plan on using you for airport transportation as well."

"He (driver) did a great job, we will mention your firm to our friends. A great idea, and reasonably priced, I presume we'll use your service in the future as well."

"We LOVED it!! Where can I write a review? I already Liked you on Facebook :)  Awesome service!!!"

"The service was great. The driver was very prompt and personable. I will definately consider using this service again."

"Had a really great experience going to NYC. Really good driver (David). I highly recommend him."

"Loved AmRide! Both drivers were great - friendly, personable, etc. Everything went perfectly and I will definitely use your services in the future!"

"Thank you, the service was excellent and I will definitely use again!"

"I wanted to express my gratitude for another job well done Saturday night.  My boyfriend and I had a romantic dinner planned out in Tarrifville, CT. We were unsure of the weather or of what time we would be ready to head home, so we contacted our driver (Wayne) and he was very accommodating.  Wayne told us to text him when we thought we'd be ready and he would also give us a call when he was about 15 minutes out. It worked out perfectly!  He met us at the car just after 11pm.  He was thorough, safety-concious, exceptionally competent and friendly.  We had such a wonderful experience! My boyfriend and I have utilized AmRide on several occasions and each time has been a flawless experience. Keep up the good work!"

"Everything was great. As Always the driver was early, courteous and extremely professional. I will continue to use your service and I will continue to tell friends about it as well.  Thanks again."

"The service was excellent, the driver (Anthony) was on time and very personable. You provide a great service.  Thanks."

"Thank you ALL for making this happen last night. It's much appreciated!! Thanks again."

"The driver was on time - even a bit early - courteous and flexible. There were no problems and I would not hesitate to use AmRide again."

"OMG...such a GREAT experience. Stephen (driver) was great. Will 100% recommend AmRide to all my friends!!!!  THANKS SO MUCH!!!"

"Everything was great. Wayne (driver) was terrific, timely and a good driver. If possible, we would request him again when using your service in the future. The support team was also great in helping us re-schedule due to flight delays. Thank you."

"I had a great experience. Driver was wonderful. Prompt, professional, and we had a nice discussion. I would like to use him whenever possible moving forward!"

"The show was great, and David (driver) was wonderful. On time, professional, courteous, a safe driver...just great! We will most certainly recommend your service to others, and if we have a need for driving services again, will definitely use AmRide."

"Just to let you know Wayne (driver) was wonderful; on time, courteous & kind. He represents your company very well.  Pass on a thank you on our behalf. You certainly have a satisfied customer."
-F & EJ

"Your driver was so respectful, caring and well mannered. He helped my mother in-law pick up the pieces of her life that were destroyed and brought her to the comfort of our home... Thank you so much for your efforts, you guys truly came through for us."

"A note from Staten Island; It touches on the importance (to me) of the drive I am doing today. I am picking up an elderly woman who lives on Staten Island, to drive her and her things (which have been sitting in water and are water logged) to her daughter's place in CT. I am shocked and saddened by how much damage and devastation there is here from the big storm. People have lost so much; I have seen destroyed (sometimes burned-down) houses, destroyed cars, trees fallen, debris all over the place, mud, glass, bits of metal lying in the road. If I tried to take a picture, I truly would not know where to start."
-Charles (driver) 

"Dave (driver) was absolutely fantastic.  Our entire group loved him and we will request him in the future."

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful ride home I had on Saturday, September 1.  My plane landed at 5:00 and, I was in my car by 5:30 and, home by 7:30pm.  Anthony (driver) had just pulled up to my terminal when I called him.  What an excellent driver he is.  I felt very comfortable having someone else drive my car!  I will definitely use AmRide again and refer AmRide to my friends."

"Thank you so much... Your service was awesome!  Everything went smoothly... The drivers were so courteous and professional. I have to say, when I walked out of Logan Sunday am with 3 tired kids after finally getting our luggage I was so pleasantly surprised to see my car parked right on the curb as we walked out!!! It was the best feeling... I think I gave the driver a hug. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.  We will not only use you again but talk you up to our friends."

"I use AmRide all the time! The drivers are professional and reliable. I would highly recommend AmRide to anyone - they will even drive you to the airport in your own car and pick you up when you get back."

"I want to thank all of the AmRide people, from those who schedule the drivers to the drivers themselves to the people in the billing department.  Everyone is courteous, professional, and very helpful.  The drivers are expert, helpful, and friendly.  The concept is excellent, and saved me money compared to a limo service that would not use my own car.  I think it's a great idea and a great service."

"AmRide is a great idea. I hate worrying about being a little over the limit driving home when I party. I've left my car in a parking garage and had to take a taxi home several times. Getting my car in the morning was such a hassle. Pick me up wherever I am, no worries about getting stopped and my car is home in the morning!"

"The concept of having a personal driver, in my own car, for a fraction of the cost of a chauffeur is a very cool idea. I'm really excited to give AmRide a try."

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