Q. What is the simplest way to schedule a drive?
A. Download the mobile app, for iOS or Droid.

Q. Are your drivers specially trained?
A. Yes, all drivers are extensively screened, trained and highly qualified. Read more about our drivers.

Q. Do you charge extra for multiple passengers?

A. No. Share the ride, share the cost. No matter the number of passengers, it’s the same low price.

Q. Do you charge extra for multiple stops?
A. No.  Multiple stops are no problem and are included in your overall price.

Q. How much do you charge?

A.  See Pricing and Get A Quote

Is AmRide insured?
A. Yes. Both AmRide and your driver are insured.

Q. What will my driver wear?

A. Your driver will wear the signature AmRide gray vest and orange tie.  A white shirt and navy blue slacks.

Q. Is there a minimum time requirement?
A. There is a one hour minimum for the Professional Driver Service and no minimum for a Designated Driver Pick-up

Q. What does registering involve?
A. It's as simple as filling out an online registration form.

Q. How does an airport drop-off and pick-up work?                                                                      
A. The driver will meet you at your home or business, drive you to the airport and bring your car back home or to your desired destination.  The keys may be left with us at the corporate office or wherever you desire. Upon your return the driver will pick-up your car, drive to the airport and pick you up. 

Q. When do I get billed?
A. Your credit card is charged once your ride has been completed.